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Tasjam Lite

At TasJam Lite we want to encourage a chilled out, relaxed jamming experience; the theme for this jam is ‘Calm’.

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Platforms and Pitfalls Live

Come along and listen to a live recording of Platforms and Pitfalls.

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TasGM Talks: Jean and Blair Leggett (One More Story Games)

Tas Game Makers is a community for anyone interested in the games space.

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Let's Play Tasmanian Games

A showcase of Tasmanian games—including released games and works in progress.

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Tasjam [un]disciplined

In this, TasGM’s fifth Tasjam, we're encouraging a multidisciplinary approach to developing games.

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TasGM Lightning Talks (FutureFest)

As part of FutureFest 2019, Tas Game Makers (in partnership with ACS) is hosting a series of lightning talks.

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TasGM 2019 AGM

Tas Game Makers 2019 AGM TasGM is holding a town hall meeting on Friday December 6th, which will also serve as our first formal Annual General Meeting (AGM). Here we will vote in our first official TasGM board.

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Global Game Jam Tasmanian Sites

If you're participating in the 2020 Global Game Jam, 
we'll be providing dedicated sites to connect with 
other local jammers.

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Tasjam at home

To embrace our increasingly-online lifestyles, we're holding an online jam!

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Jackbox Party Nights

Chris at Smash Attack Aus will be hosting nights of Jackbox games—and you’re all invited to join in on the fun!

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