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TasGM Talks: Jean and Blair Leggett (One More Story Games)

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Jean and Blair Leggett, founders of One More Story Games (Toronto, Canada) will join us for an evening to talk about their indie startup and how they built a narrative game engine designed to help non-coding storytellers create point and click narrative games, including those as young as 8 years old.

This two hour session includes creating a short game using their engine StoryStylus, so make sure to bring along laptops/computers if you would like to participate.

Jean & Blair Leggett have been running One More Story Games since 2013, run summer camps for kids, have published 5 games, won 3 Game of The Year awards in Toronto, and have raised over half a million dollars.

They're currently adapting a novel by #1NYT bestselling author Charlaine Harris about a woman dealing with PTSD after a sexual assault, within a mystery game.

Blair and Jean Leggett, founders of One More Story Games (Toronto, Canada)