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TasJam Lite

At TasJam Lite we want to encourage a chilled out, relaxed jamming experience; the theme for this jam is 'Calm'.


Saturday, July 6, 2019

As with any theme, you can interpret this theme in any way you see fit.

If you’re new to TasJam, or Games Jams in general, the idea is you have 24 (ish) hours to make a game/proof of concept/experience/anything based around a theme. If you can’t make it in person, you can join us on our discord server.

You don’t need any game making experience to attend and participate - we have plenty of knowledgeable attendees who are always willing to offer help and advice!

We will be opening doors for people to set up at 9:00am on the Saturday, and the event will kick off at 10:00am, where we will go over the theme and the general code of conduct.

We will run all day Saturday and Sunday, with brief interludes for lunch and snacks. Similar to the last TasJam LITE, food will not be provided. This provides ample reason to get out and stretch your legs/gather rations after hours of furious game making.

At 3:00pm Sunday it’s pencils down and we will showcase what you have all made!

The mathematicians among you may note that an event that runs from 9:00am Sat to 5:00pm Sun is longer than 24 hours. This is to encourage attendees to take time to eat, sleep, and hydrate (mostly sleep) over the 2 day period. We will be closing up the Enterprize space at 10:00pm Saturday night and re-opening at 10:00am Sunday.

As this is a chill event, there are no prizes.